Civil Investigations

Justin Olson is renowned for his unrivaled expertise in civil investigations. With unparalleled consistency, he has forged strong connections with attorneys throughout Northern Nevada.

Sub Rosa - Workers Comp Surveillance

Few possess the unique blend of patience and perseverance required for successful surveillance operations. At Olson Investigations, we excel at providing consistent and reliable courtroom-ready results for Sub Rosa workers’ compensation cases.

Criminal Investigations

When it comes to defense work and support, Justin rises above the rest. From handling Homicide cases to DUI or Assault charges, his extensive experience encompasses a wide range of criminal investigations.

Case Management

At Olson Investigations, we leverage cutting-edge databases and advanced case management software to streamline the process, ensuring ease and consistency across all cases. From assigning multiple investigators to evidence management and billing, our comprehensive solutions take care of every aspect.

Litigation Support

Beyond standard investigative services, Olson Investigations offers comprehensive litigation support by connecting you with expert witnesses throughout every stage of your case. Our network includes subject matter professionals skilled in accident reconstruction, OSHA compliance computer forensics botanical analysis ,and various other fields crucial to meet your litigation needs.


As experts in private investigation services at Olson Investigations LLC, we excel in providing a diverse range of projects. We stay ahead by harnessing the latest methods, technology, and software available within the industry.

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