Investigations Services

Attorney Support

Providing comprehensive assistance to attorneys, including research, evidence gathering, and other investigative support services tailored to meet legal requirements.

Civil Litigation

Assisting in civil litigation matters by conducting detailed investigations that involve examining facts, collecting relevant information, and providing valuable insights for effective case preparation.

Criminal Defense

Conducting thorough investigations for criminal defense cases with a focus on uncovering crucial evidence and identifying potential witnesses or alternative suspects.

Report/Discovery Document Review

Analyzing reports and discovery documents meticulously to identify key details that can be critical in building strong cases or exposing inconsistencies during legal proceedings.

Backgrounds/Due Diligence Searches

Comprehensively researching individuals’ backgrounds through due diligence searches involving public records scrutiny as well as online databases accessibility; all aimed at providing objective assessments of their character traits or credibility.

Witness Interviews

Skillfully conducting interviews with witnesses involved in specific incidents or events related to ongoing investigations while ensuring accuracy and rapport-building techniques are employed effectively.

Asset Searches

Conducting exhaustive inquiries into financial holdings/assets owned by individuals/entities either within local jurisdictions or across wider networks based on the client’s needs.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Investigating suspected insurance fraud through meticulous fact-finding missions which include scrutinizing claims data/circumstances surrounding an incident ,gathering concrete evidence, and producing reliable findings supporting factual conclusions necessary for further action

Mobile Surveillance

Utilizing mobile surveillance techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology, vast experience & expertise ;allow us distant observation, intelligence-gathering & documenting activities pertinent customer concerns/investigation-specific objectives.


Identifying illegal/unauthorized covert monitoring activities or preventing potential surveillance threats by employing sophisticated counter-surveillance methods.

Property Recovery and Inventory

Facilitating recovery of stolen properties through dedicated investigations, while maintaining detailed inventory logs for record-keeping purposes.

Background Investigations

Conducting thorough background checks on individuals to verify their credentials, personal histories, financial stability and integrity.

Corporate Investigations

Undertaking discreet corporate inquiries aimed at detecting fraudulent activities, uncovering business misconducts/extensive corruption schemes along with other internal malpractices; all within a company’s structure whilst safeguarding its reputation.

Missing Persons

Dedicating resources towards locating missing persons using an array of investigative tactics such as data analysis/compilation, interview-driven fact-finding missions & if need be coordinating efforts alongside law enforcement agencies.

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